Welcome to BerryLocate, the most full featured 100% completely free*, BlackBerry tracking application. *Note that the app is free for private use. Commercial users please click here for more details.

This app can be used to record locations using most BlackBerry devices, and is extremely useful in cases where phones have been lost or stolen, or if you need to keep track of someone. Not only does it report your current location, a record is kept of your previous movements, so you can select a day and time from the list to see where you were at that specific moment!

It can also be used as a way to keep track of you children, loved ones or friends, with their permission of course. Your tracking URL can also be shared with a trusted friend or relative, in case you need to be found in a hurry.

Then there are the alert zones. Create areas that will send alerts to designated email addresses when you enter into them, or leave them.

Users can also set up an SOS system which will alert trusted contacts via email and SMS if you need help.


  • A Blackberry 🙂
  • OS 5 or later (pretty much all the BlackBerrys out there meet this now)
  • Built in GPS device (again all new Blackberrys have them)
  • An internet connection (data is free with BB!)


  1. On your Blackberry navigate to www.berrylocate.com/bb
  2. Click on the “Click here” label
  3. Select Download
  4. When it is installed click run, or look for the BerryLocate icon which looks like a world map, and click on that.
  5. Give the app trusted status and allow it to access the GPS
  6. Click on the BerryLocate icon on your blackberry (It looks like a little map with an arrow on it).
  7. Once you see that co-ordinates have been captured, go to www.berrylocate.com and click on “Find my Phone”.
  8. Enter the key as shown on your BlackBerry screen.
BlackBerry tracking application screenshot

BlackBerry tracking application screenshot

That’s it. I hope you enjoy it. Please send feedback by using the Contact Us page on this site. For those of you using Android devices, we now have an app made just for you. Head on over to GPS Tracker for Android to give it a try.